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The service we provide involves:

Drafting, analyzing and evaluation of loan, leasing agreements; transfer of stocks and other movable property as well as immovable property; lease, sublease agreements; prime contracting, subcontracting; mortgage; marriage agreements; etc.
Legal audit of different documents
Comprehensive legal assistance at founding, incorporating, reorganizing all legal entities of different status – business corporation, private corporation, public corporation, non-profit corporation, etc. - in the Republic of Lithuania
Changing of legal form or details of legal entity
Legal assistance at solving adoption (international adoption included), alimony, care and guardianship, descent, intellectual property, naturalization
Drafting documents for proceedings in court (claims, counterclaims, replies, allegations, pleadings, contracts for marriage termination sequences, negotiated peace treaties, complaints on court decisions, appeal and/or cassation complaints, etc.)
Client defense at any stage of criminal proceedings
Representation of a client in the state, municipal and other institutions, in the courts of the Republic of Lithuania of any instances, arbitration, the European Court of Human Rights, at carrying out the procedure of the court ruling (enforcement procedure).

We have built up substantial experience working with public and private entities, citizens of the Republic of Lithuania and other countries. Affiliations and network established with the lawyers abroad help us solve your problems emerged in the other countries. Apart from primary legal services, we offer integral legal services (services rendered together with experts of other fields) as well as assistance in negotiations and/or different legal disputes.

Taking into consideration the worth of your time, we flexibly adjust to individual needs and requests; draw up contracts either for one specific legal service or rendering of long-term legal services.

Proficiency in delivering legal services of high quality in Lithuanian, English, German and Russian has helped us acquire recognition and trust of a great number of clients; so we continue to pursue excellence in providing legal services of high quality, expertise and expedition.

Gedimino pr. 24-71D, LT-01103, Vilnius, Lithuania
Telephone/fax: +370 5 2615106
I. Botyrienės ir R. A. Kučinskaitės
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