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INGRIDA BOTYRIENĖ, Attorney at law. After graduation from Vilnius University, Department of Law in 2001, I. Botyriene worked as a consultant on legal issues at the Notary Public Office. In 2003, she was admitted as an assistant attorney. Ms. Botyriene obtained her license for practicing law in 2005.  She carried out scientific research in the field of criminal law analyzing euthanasia problems in Criminal Law of Lithuania and foreign countries (2001-2004) and drafted the article Characteristics of Crimes Against Human Life Provided in Criminal Code of Lithuania and EU Countries: Segments of Comparative Studies. She has improved her professional expertise at the law clinics “Incorporation Law in the Member Countries of the European Union” (2003) and “Work of the European Justice Court in the Field of Social Security” (2005), etc.

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RASA AURELIJA KUСINSKAITĖ, Attorney at law. She graduated summa cum lauder from the University of Vilnius, Department of Law in 1986. Ms. Kucinskaite has been practicing law since 1987. She served as the Member and Secretary for the Honor Court for Lawyers (2002-2005). Since March 1, 2001, R.A. Kucinskaite has been serving as the Legal Coordinator for the state assured pro bono legal services for criminal cases. Pursue to the law of German Foundation “Memory, Responsibility and Future”, she has been serving as the Member of Claim Department for analyzing compensation requests since 2002.

Ms. Kucinskaite has improved her professional expertise at the international legal clinic in Sweden (AIJA Regional clinic of Scandinavia in 1992); the USA (clinic on Intellectual Property in New Orleans in 1993); Denmark (law clinic in Copenhagen in 1995); France (international law clinic “Lawyer and Corporation” in Paris in 1996); at the law clinic “Work of the European Justice Court in the Field of Social Security” (2005), etc.

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